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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Part II....Finally!

Well, I am a slacker...actually, I just started back to work so I've been a little busy. No more being a stay at home mom with no kids! Some of you have been requesting Part II, so here it is....more highlights of The Fitton's adventure to East Tennessee!

Dinner at The Kelson's
Hangin' out at Norris Lake..the best! Thanks Aunt Ann and Uncle Wally! and Julie- the best cousin ever!

Simon and Andrew on the tubes -fun times

The gang at the Brewery...we ran into Bart and Griffin...Simon spotted them! You should have been there...Bart was giving free tours.

At WASABI!! Lucy had never seen anything like it!

Okay, so the ONE and ONLY thing Simon Fitton wanted to do while he was here was go to the batting that's where we went! It was hilarious! This is his first time batting..ever..and he's like 28??

We had to go to Cades Cove...Lucy and Simon were up for it when they found out we might see a bear..which we didn't, but we tried! (Smokies in the background...aren't they beautiful!)


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