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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hippo Water Rollers

The club I sponsor at school, DECA (An Association of Marketing students) participates in service projects throughout the semester. In the past, we have helped raise money for organizations including St. Jude's and JDRF. As a small project this year, we are going to purchase a Hippo Water Roller ( They are only $100 and it enables citizens of under-developed countries to obtain clean drinking water easier. Could you imagine walking 5 or more miles a day, just to get clean water?! (I'm not talking about our standards of clean, either.) And then, carrying the 5-gallon bucket on top of your head as you make the trek back to your home. The Hippo Roller enables you to transport 24 gallons of water with much greater ease. You too can purchase a roller! Check out their website mentioned above. I believe this is one very small way we can help many people who are much less fortunate than we are! We are so very blessed!

Transporting water without a Hippo Roller

See how much easier and more efficient this is?

Nelson Mandela with several Hippo Rollers

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