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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet, sweet summertime. . .

In June, Andrew had a recruiting trip to San Diego, so I decided to tag along for some great weather, shopping, and fun! We were starving when we got there, so of course, we headed to the nearest In-n-Out for some grub! The next day we had a little free time, so we drove out to the Wild Animal Park. They take you on a safari (it suppose to be like you're in Africa..any may be the closest I ever get to Africa)... we saw lions and tigers and ....nope didn't see any bears!! However, we showed up at the gorillas hangout just in time for the was neat to see these animals at mealtime...they are so human-like it's scary! One night after Andrew got done watching high school girls play golf...sounds like fun, huh!....we went downtown to the Padres game. I am used to going to Turner Field where the fans actually are rooting for the we were in for a treat since the Padres have NO fan base and I'm pretty sure everyone was there to see the Mariners. We also got to drive down Pacific Coast Highway in La Jolla (that's pronounced La Hoya...not La Jalla - in my East-Tennessee accent). We even (accidently) drove past Torrey Pines which was pretty cool. The beaches there are pretty...but also pretty rocky...not like we are used to. It was also cool there...the highs were in the mid- 70s each day, but on the beach it was a lot cooler. I wish we had their weather in Knoxville :(. All-in-all we had a great time!!


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