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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On our way

Cooper did exceptionally well on our ride to Hilton Head.
 We split it up into two days so we could visit McCormick, SC...home of Ms. Jane Fairburn.

"I'm so happy you finally turned me around. Now I can see all the cars, trucks, trees and (in McCormick) deer!"

Daddy drove most of the way. Oops!  Caught red-handed with your phone.

You see, Jane and Andrew go way back.
To like 2004.
Andrew used to play this game called golf for a living (that means for money!)  Wherever that week's tournament was, he would try to get housing (some nice person would let a golfer come stay with them for the week.)  Along the way, Andrew (and me) met some wonderful people. Some we still keep in contact with. 
Enter Jane.
 She's just lovely. Her smile is lovely. Her house is lovely. And, most importantly, her heart is lovely.
We hadn't seen her since our wedding, so we wanted to swing (haha- get it??) by for a quick visit. She had never met Cooper and totally laid out the red carpet for us. She even borrowed a crib for Cooper!!  (See lovely heart comment above).

Here she is:
She has...get this...16 (I think that's right) grandchildren! 

Looking forward to many more years of friendship to come!!

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