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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our House at Christmastime

We've started to put up a few Christmas decorations around the house. The best part is putting them up and enjoying them for as long as possible (that's why we put them up so early this year). The worst part is taking them down and wondering...why did I put all this up? Each year I seem to collect more and more decorations (thanks Mom!). We hung our wreaths up outside already since we won't be here for Thanksgiving...we did it Saturday morning when it was about 20 degrees outside! Along with some Christmas deco pics, there are some pics below of our new bead board work that we had done is our guest bedroom and bathroom last spring. We also had crown molding put in our master (I don't think there are any pics of that).
"NOEL" in our formal living room

My favorite Santa pillow!

Our sideways tree! I can't figure out how to flip it

Our mantle with our new stockings that we'll have forever!

I thought this looked "Ski Lodgee"?? Its at the bottom of the stairs

Our guest bathroom and our new beadboard

Our guest bedroom and our new beadboard and our new chocolate brown paint!


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