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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cooper Update

Well, I went back to the doctor this week for my gestational diabetes re-test. I had to take a day off work because the tests lasts 3 hours!! I managed to drink the nasty orange drink, but could not keep it down. I have to go back on Monday (my day off...yay! I'm so excited) to sit for 3 more hours to see if I can make it happen!

Cooper's been very active this week. He gave me good kick yesterday that woke me from a nap. Jack has managed to find his way into Cooper's room when we ask him where Cooper is!! Our dog is so smart!! HaHa!

Andrew and I have continued work on the nursery and it's starting to come together. All we need now is a chair and some curtains. I'll post some pictures on here when it is finally complete!

I'm headed to Memphis this weekend with Mom and Dad for my first baby shower!! Yay! I can't wait to see what Cooper gets!

I also started reading 2 books. I joke that I am reading up on how to be a good mom! They are very good so far and have made me feel more comfortable about bringing him home. I highly recommend them: Babywise and Raising Boys. Babywise has been recommended to me by several friends and coworkers. Raising Boys emphasizes the father's role in a boy's life. I'm sure Andrew won't have any trouble with this...he will be a great dad!

I'll continue to keep everyone posted!!!

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