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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Future VOL in the making

Cooper was born to be a VOL. His Daddy and Mommy are Vols. So is Gramps and Aunt Katie, and pretty much everyone else we know. Jack even roots for the Big Orange. I think one day he might even go to UT. That's if HE turns down Harvard, MIT, and Duke first...ya know, to stay close to home.

We decided a football game with 100,000 screaming fans, a loud band, and lots of sun, was not a good place to take a four month old. So he will have to wait until next season to see his first UT game.
We took a few shots in his UT hat before we headed out:

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Jane and Matthew said...

Such a cute lil' Vol! We are hoping to make it to a game too(w/o Eli)! Wish we could take him, but he'd probably scream the whole time with all that noise! Can you believe Coop is almost 5 months?