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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gymnastics day Wednesday

Wednesday is gymnastics day for Cooper. He has been going for about a month now and is loving it!!  He gets so excited everytime we arrive in the parking lot and does not want to leave when it is over.

Since we started, I have noticed some improvements in Cooper. He is learning to wait his turn (he actually did this today!)

He is learning to follow directions.

He is learning to jump (which he can now do) and has better balance.

 He loves the trampoline, the balance beam, and anything he can tumble on. The good thing about the gym - everything is padded. It's hard to get hurt even if you fall.

 We have made many new friends...both Coop and its always good to get out and talk to other moms while Coop is releasing some energy.

It's already up to 60 degrees here. When Coop wakes up, we are headed to the park with Jack...gonna go by Whole Foods to pick up a chicken (they are on sale on Wednesdays) and head to the gym with daddy!! 

Whew I'm gonna be tired tonight!!

See y'all later!

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