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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hard at work for Cooper!

After we found out we were going to be a family of four, we decided to make some improvements to the nursery. I had in my head ever since I found out I was pregnant, that I wanted to put a closet organizer in there like the one I had at my house growing up. Ya know...with drawers and shelves..all the goods. So I enlisted my very agreeable hubby to help. (He loves projects...anything that has a start and a finish and is challenging he will do!) Well, it took a little longer than expected..considering we ending up having to repair holes in the drywall and paint..not to mention about 5 trips to Lowe's...but I was totally worth it. Here are some pictures from the day..I mean...month..haha!

Andrew hard at work putting all the pieces together...guys love to use their drill!

Here is a before shot...I don't have an after shot right now, but will post soon!

Enlisting some help from Jack!

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