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Friday, November 19, 2010


Cooper is already learning how to share.
He shares his rubber duck with Jack.
Jack shares his bone, football, and Kong with Coop.
Coop loves to play with anything that is not a toy. (i.e. cords, vacuum cleaners, dog food, nasty dog water, anything that has been in Jack's mouth, dirty shoes, pumpkins, grass, etc.)

Cooper and Jack love to play together:

Showdown for the bone. Check out Jack's tongue.


Jane and Matthew said...

1. Love those pumpkins- they were the second thing i noticed besides your adorable baby.

2. love that pictures- so cute!

3. eli loves our dogs too...and cords, dirt, licking our kitchen floor, etc.

4. noticed the pack n play in lowered---is he pulling up? eli is sometimes, but i haven't lowered it...yikes!

Sara Buff and Andrew said...

1. Thanks! My mom made them. Lord knows I don't have time to try to be Martha.
2. Thanks!
3. Every little boy should have a dog.
4. We just took the top out so he could play in the bottom. I think it gives him more room. Honestly, he doesn't even use it really. We use it more as a gate! (can you tell?) he isn't pulling up but crawling (army crawl) everywhere...and also has 2 bottom teeth like E! They were meant to be buds.