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Sunday, January 16, 2011


 275 days you have been in our lives

and ohhhh how it has changed

you are a gift from god in every way possible

we love you more than words can say

looking forward to the next 9 months with you

here's what's up in your world:
  • you love to be on the move...sittin' still is not apart of your daily life (sounds like mama)
  • you love jack and are starting to play games with him each day 
  • you love nana and get super excited when you see her...she loves you, too
  • kiwi has become a fan favorite - so has yogurt - but rice cereal is your #1 choice
  • no one can eat in front of you because you want whatever it is we have
  • you love to babble all day long. you haven't said a clear "mama" or "dada" but whoever "baba" is must be really happy
  • you wear size 6-9 month clothing
  • estimated weight about 17 lbs
  • only 2 bottom teeth so far
  • you can sleep soundly in your crib from 7 pm - 8 am with one feeding around 3 or 4 am
  • everything you're not suppose to have, you want
  • you are the cutest, happiest baby all the time. your smile melts many hearts

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